Jump back into the action with the sequel to the critically acclaimed Bounce On 2! Bounce on Back puts you in control of Bounce – a red, rubber ball – as he tries to rid Apricot Smiles Day Care Center of a terrible evil. Roll, jump, and bounce to fight against Voodoo, a doll of great magical power that steals happiness from the children. Collect giggles to weaken his power and progress through the world.

With over 60 giggles to collect and more levels on the way, Bounce on Back will offer hours of challenging platforming.

Bounce on Back is planned for a late November release on iOS, with the Android release to follow shortly.


Something exciting is brewing at Iddy Biddy Games!
Bounce On mug

We’d like to announce the formation of Iddy Biddy Games, a new project by a few former members of Phobic Studios. IBG will be creating small, free games, as well as continuing some of the Phobic Studios franchises.

We can also be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/IddyBiddyGames

Stay tuned for exciting news regarding our little bouncing friend!  🙂