• http://bounceonbackgameprogress. Noah Crane

    I read that you will be updating bounce on back as the game gets completed. I just wanted to make sure that doing these updates will not erase all my progress I have made in the game, because I have updated bounce on 2 once before and it erased all my game progress. Do I need to back up the progress first?

    Thank you,
    Noah Crane

    • Benjamin Cutler

      The plan is to keep your progress around barring uninstalling it from your device, but backing up your data is never a bad idea anyway. 🙂 Eventually your save data will be attached to your Game Center (on iOS) or Google Play Games (on Android) account, but not yet.

  • JoelSixPack

    I’ve really been enjoying Bounce On Back, thanks for making such a fun game!

    I have two questions:

    1. Can you tell me if there’s a bug on level 16 that prevents you from getting the “Slip Sliding” giggle? I’ve collected every other giggle and coin in the entire game, but I couldn’t find this one, and there’s an area at the top-right of the level that I can’t access. There’s an open door to go through, but the area to the right of the door never loads. This has kinda been driving me crazy, so if you could shed some light on the situation I’d appreciate it.

    2. Also, after the most recent update, I still don’t seem to have access to the new Challenge levels. It still just says something like “get your coins ready” but the door on the ground still doesn’t open. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

    Thanks again for making this great platformer and thanks for your help!

  • Noah Crane

    I’m just curious when will the update of bounce on back with the next world come out? No rush. I am just wondering.

  • Oli

    Nice work guys! Can you tell me from whom the soundtrack is and if it’s possible to get it from somwhere? Thank you!

  • Noah Crane

    When will the next update with the second world be out for bounce on back?

  • Noah Crane

    Why is bounce on back no longer on the iOS App Store?

  • Noah Crane

    Why are bounce on and bounce on 2 not on the iOS App Store anymore?

  • G I B Æ È

    Why did you and phobic studios shut down

    • Noah Crane

      Wait! What! Iddy biddy games shut down!?!?!?! Are you sure? Their website still exists. I know that at least some of their apps are no longer on the app stores for iOS and android but their website still exists. I’m on it right now! Are you sure that they shut down? I guess it would make sense. I have been emailing them about getting the games back on the App Stores and they have not been responding. So did they shut down?

  • oh dear im in existential fear

    i’m with you on this Noah Crane. i’ve always been so passionate about the bounce on franchise, it’s literally the first game i played on iOS back in 2011. i feel like a part of my childhood is gone now that the games don’t exist anymore. we need answers from the company that is responsible for this, whether it be team phobic or iddy biddy games!!

    • Noah Crane

      Update, I just noticed that bounce on back is back on the App Store! The first 2 bounce on’s are not, but I’m wondering if maybe the company didn’t shut down after all. Or if they shut down but they just decided to put those 2 games back on the App Store?