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Hi everyone!

Sorry for being so quiet lately. We’ve had some hiccups trying to get all of these updates out. But as of now Bounce On, Bounce On Lite, Bounce On 2 Lite, Bounce On Back and Bounce On Back Lite have new updates. Bounce On 2 is just around the corner and should hopefully be releasing in the next 24 hours.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any issues or questions.

Now that that’s done, I need to let everyone know that things have shifted for us here at Iddy Biddy Games. While we’re still committed to maintaining the Bounce On games as well as bringing more content for Bounce On Back, we are no longer able to work on them full-time. We have plans to keep improving Bounce On Back as well as release a second world with an all new setting, and continue the new storyline. I will try to keep news coming as we get organized into our new schedule, and we’re going to try our best to keep everyone from having to wait too long.

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Iddy Biddy Games

Something exciting is brewing at Iddy Biddy Games!
Bounce On mug

We’d like to announce the formation of Iddy Biddy Games, a new project by a few former members of Phobic Studios. IBG will be creating small, free games, as well as continuing some of the Phobic Studios franchises.

We can also be found on Facebook at

Stay tuned for exciting news regarding our little bouncing friend!  🙂