Bounce On 2 achievements don’t work for me…

    • http://www.iddybiddygames.com Josh

      We have another update already pending (there were some weird issues with Apple on the last one), and I’m hoping this update will fix any issues. Thanks for the heads up and we’ll make sure this gets resolved as soon as possible.


      • AJC0MICS

        Well, there are three achievements that actually work for me: “Flame On”, “A Hot Drink” and “I’m on Your Team!”
        The other ones don’t work… I even tested the no-death achievements (the “Skillz” achievement isn’t too hard if you practice the level a lot).

        There’s another problem: The descriptions of the achievements called “The Key Master” and “Skillz” say that there are 109 keys in total. That’s actually wrong, since there are only 105 keys in existence. However, you can get 108 keys because of a weird bug that makes the game give Bounce an extra key when he completes a world. This bug is quite old and I don’t think you have to fix it, since it isn’t prejudicial for the players. I still have an old version of Bounce On 2 on my iPhone 1 (running iPhone OS 3.1.3) that doesn’t give you those extra keys, and it doesn’t play differently at all…

        But you can’t collect 109 keys, so the “Key Master” achievement is actually impossible to get!

        [EDIT] The achievement “Coin Enthusiast” says there are 43 Phobic Coins… but you can get 45!

        Sorry for my bad English… 😉


    Two more problems:

    – Bounce On 2: I still can’t get the “The Key Master” achievement. Just look at this screenshot: http://ajcomics.de/cheese-hunter/images/BO2_MissingAchievement.png

    – Bounce On Back: There’s a problem with the race times registered by Game Center. Let’s say I got a time of one minute and 55 seconds. In earlier versions of the game, the time displayed by Game Center would have been 0:01:50.00! But in this version, it says 1:50:00.00 instead. This means I can’t get good highscores in Game Center even if I got them in the game itself. I hope you understand my problem… 🙂

  • Noah Crane

    I am just curious when the next update to bounce on back will be out. No rush, I was just wondering.

  • Maciek Królikowski

    Please come Back…
    I miss my bounce on games, i grew up on them.
    I have bounce on 1 and bounce 2 on my tablet.
    The problem is my friends cant download it.
    Please put bounce on 1 and bounce on 2 in the App Store.
    I miss Old good times…